Take out loans to pay off fast loans

Do not take more small loans, but look at your situation and pay off fast loans with a mortgage loan. For many, January is the most difficult month of the entire year, financially. The money and the Christmas bonus went to Christmas presents and Christmas food, the bills from December are lagging behind and are still unpaid. The banks are closed and do not send out reminder letters in the usual order. It is then easy to close your eyes during the Christmas holidays and think that it will settle late, but when everyday life is back it strikes back as a jaw bang and you stand there with your beard in the mailbox.


Sms loans and loans without UC

Sms loans and loans without UC

How the hell am I doing now? For those who have used sms loans and loans without UC previously, the answer is usually, “Take a new quick loan”, but slowly on the slopes. Is it so wise? Quick loans are a temporary solution, which maybe it was before Christmas Eve, but the loans would be repaid in January and you can’t now? Do not take more small loans if you already have several unpaid loans. First, see if it is possible to postpone the payment of those you have already borrowed. If this is not possible then it might be smarter to look at a mortgage loan, ie a low-interest-rate loan.


Borrowing money for overdue loans, rents and unpaid bills

money loans

With a collateral loan, it is possible to pay off all old invoiced invoices, everything from Elbolaget and Telia to childcare and rent. Start the year as a new person with a fresh start!

Binary Lender is by far the best service right now when applying for a corporate loan. You simply fill out an application and it is sent to 12 banks, who return with an offer to borrow money and at what interest rate. Look through which loan seems the most interesting and has the lowest interest rate. The banks that offer you an offer have already granted you a loan, so you just have to accept yes for any loan and you have the money in the account 1-2 days after signing up. Sign with E-identification and the money comes extra quickly.

There are several similar brokerage services for large loans. Fine Bank and Cream Bank operate in the same way as Binary Lender but with different banks. An application to several banks – only 1 UC.