Borrowing money is difficult with a low credit rating.

Credit requests lower your score. Everyone does not know it and many shake their heads and wrinkle their nose when talking about it. But it is true that too many credit requests can cause confusion when borrowing money. That’s actually true.

Every time a credit report from UC is taken by someone, whether it is a bank, debt collection company or purchase, a request copy is generated. It is sent to you in the mailbox. At the same time, this request is also registered as a credit request in the UC register and is stored for 12 months.


Blank credit request is bad

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Now it is not that the person who takes a UC on you sees every single credit request. You can see the number and if it is “blank” or “bank” and it helps to reduce the scoring points that UC creates and distributes to the bank when you request it.

A “blank” request is the worst you can get, it is created when a collection company takes a credit report. It is now customary, since a case at Debt Collection has not been paid. This is to determine if you should be subject to the application for payment order from the Crona Prosecutor’s Office.

Svea Debt collection takes UC on its inquiries, Intrum Justitia uses other credit information companies.


A “blank” credit request is worse than a payment note

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It sounds strange but is actually such that a “blank” credit request can lower the score more than a payment note. If we return to it with credit requests, there are no guidelines for how many inquiries are required before the bank says no to a loan.

That is, when UC’s scoring has reached the bottom, but around 3 requests during a 12-month period raise a red warning flag and start to cause problems with the loan application.

You may be sitting there with a high income, have no payment notes and have applied for a loan from Ritehold Bank but received no and take nothing.

Maybe you applied for loan pledges a few months earlier at a number of banks, or had an invoice paid just too late that went on to Debt collection? There you have the answer.

In loan forums you can often read about frustrated people complaining about loans that are “hard to get” and who think that their conditions for loans should be sufficient. They usually do not know that credit requests play such a big role in the loan process. There is no way to get rid of these requests other than to kindly wait them out.

They are in the register for 12 months after a change in the law in 2010. Before that, it was 24 months in effect. Since fast loans and loans without UC do not take UC, your UC scoring will not be affected when you apply for such loans.


Debt balance = No loan, not even fast loan

Debt balance = No loan, not even fast loan

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We can note that there is a loan for almost everyone, regardless of income, payment notes and financial background, but there are no loans to be obtained for someone who has an active debt balance with enforcement authority. A debt balance creates a payment note, which can be approved, but as long as the debt that created the note is unpaid, there are no lenders to help you. So applying for a loan to pay off a debt with enforcement authority is no idea.